Personal coaching

We all find ourselves with troubling thoughts at times. This can be especially true during times of transition. The development of negative thought patterns often impacts our emotional well being making us feel depressed, anxious sad, angry or stressed.

My Method

My role as your personal coach is to assist you in this journey and connect with your true self. I will be a mirror. I will stay neutral as much as possible to allow you to reach your own conclusions. Your role as a coachee is to be open to change, keep a curious mind and be willing to commit.

I will make you think what you haven’t thought yet. Together, we are going to explore new perspectives that will open new possibilities in your life. I will help you to make conscious choices that will better serve you. It can be fun but it can also get challenging. I will hold you accountable and I will tell you the hard truth when needed. In the end, it will be a rewarding and fulfilling process.

I use motivational interviewing and NLP techniques to challenge limiting mindsets and assist behaviour change. This is achieved by guiding people to recognise their presuppositions, unwanted behaviours and negative thinking patterns, whilst identifying their inner strengths. I achieve this through communication, reflection, active listening and asking open-ended questions. These skills then direct the person to clearly define and structure their desired outcome.

I support and encourage you, to help you fulfil your potential and make the most of your life by:

  • discussing your opinions, feelings, thoughts and beliefs
  • set suitable outcomes for change
  • break down these outcomes into small achievable steps
  • look at overcoming barriers and build on resiliency
  • look at ways to stay motivated and committed


The power of perspective

One day, a father and son went fishing. When they returned home, the father entered first, and his wife asked: “How was your day?”.

He answered: “We went fishing. Caught nothing. Such a waste of time.”
When the little boy entered the home, the mother asked the same question and the son answered “I went fishing with dad, best day of my life!”.

The perspective with which you perceive an event will not change the event, but it will have a tremendous impact on the way that you will feel about it.