About me

My name is Danielle Valle-Ortega. The name of my company is Dare 2B You, which perfectly describes what it is that I do. Guiding people in to becoming the best possible version of themselves.

My primary focus lies on change processes for both individuals and businesses alike.

My Vision

I  believe that everyone has what it takes to change a situation and make a dream come true. A dream is a goal without a deadline. The only thing in the way between your dreams and reality is action.

The intention of coaching in change management is to help people work through the implications of the change themselves, without telling them what to do. This will support them to create the change for themselves and so instead, becoming co-creators of the change. Why? Because people are more likely to support and believe in what they themselves have created.

This means that, as far as I’m concerned, everyone can make a change, and everyone has the ability to live the life they dream of. No matter how big or small that dream is.

With my love for people and for life itself, my life experience, my sensitivity and my professional experience, I can truly inspire and guide others to get the most out of themselves.

And not just by talking, but by doing!


                                      Your dream is within reach. Are you ready for a change?

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