Consultancy for Start-ups

Some people have always dreamed of running their own business.  Others get inspired by their product or service and discover the world of start ups almost accidentally.  And others believe a start up is simply a more flexible alternative to a traditional job.  There is no right or wrong, and all of these drivers (and more) can lead to the creation of successful start ups.

I enjoy helping people take their first steps – or their 1,000th step – along the path to running their own successful business. With over 10 years’ experience in coaching and having run several of my own businesses, I am more than happy to help scope your business idea, to help you launch faster and with less risk, or to help your existing business to flourish.

Consultancy for Employers

The greatest asset of any company is its people; and the greatest inefficiency is the untapped potential of key team members. I provide transformational consultancy to support Executives, Teams and Individuals to grow towards their true potential.

  • Facilitating working sessions for design of strategy, structure, culture
  • Critical friend sessions one-to-one challenge and support, to shape your thinking.
  • Making proposed changes to policy and practice (performance management)
  • In house learning sessions equipping your team to improve organisational effectiveness.
  • Coaching: supporting key people in the organisation on a one-to-one basis over a period of time.
  • Leadership development: developing your people to lead through change.
  • Undertaking specific tasks in areas such as talent management, learning and development strategy, reward and performance management, organisation and job design etc.